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DX Delivery Tracking

DX Delivery Tracking

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  • DX Delivery Tracking APP
    Auto import and track DX Delivery shipments from Shopify, Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce, Wish, eBay, AliExpress, shipstations shop
  • DX Delivery Tracking API 
    Provide DX Delivery tracking api for e-commerce developers to get real time DX Delivery tracking info. Give customers access to track DX Delivery parcels right at shopping cart and marketplace.
  • DX Delivery Shipment Status Update Notification
    Send customized email and sms notifications of DX Delivery shipment status updates to reduce customers' queries when package is in "transit", "Out for delivery", "delivered" and so on.
  • Importing DX Delivery Tracking Numbers
    Bulk track DX Delivery packages by uploading DX Delivery Tracking numbers in CSV files
Dxdelivery tracking, trackingmore provide real time Dxdelivery shipment tracking and dxdelivery tracking API.
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My item has been booked for 4-5 days delivery which i paid for. They tried to deliver my item 4 times... couldn’t reach me, im keep reeboking it. Still didnt receive and its already a month. Dont use them!!
No parcels
Two days of broken promises. Two days with no sign of a delivery. Two days wasted. Two days with no parcel. If a company you're buying from uses DX to deliver, order elsewhere.
Pretty useless as couriers - you're in the wrong business.
Absolutely shocking service. Every day for the last 4 days I have had a message giving me an allocated time slot for a delivery. I've made sure I've been in 4 days in a row at the specified times to take delivery. Shame I'm the only one that turned up - Abdelkarium the driver obviously couldn't be bothered. Seriously, what's the point in giving guaranteed delivery times when there is no chance of them being fulfilled? DX might even be worse than Yodel.......and that's saying something!
Best Driver
We have had the same Dx delivery driver for around 2 years. He is very polite, is very attentive and always on time. The very few times he has been on holiday we have dread who would deliver our parcels as there would always be an issue. This week he told us he was leaving and we did not think to ask if he was going to another delivery company. He was that good we would take our business wherever he goes. All we know is that his name is Robert. We are in W12. Not sure if our new driver will match him, but we really hope so.
Avoid at all costs
Would give 0 stars if it was possible. Hands down the worst delivery experience I’ve ever had (yes, including Hermes). 5 attempts at redelivery after bungling the initial delivery (if it was even attempted) due to “incomplete address” - turns out they had the right one after I contacted the retailer myself and confirmed it. After this failed delivery no one contacted me, I only found out delivery had been attempted (again, dubious this happened) 5 days later when I contacted the retailer to ask where my item was as the 3-5 day timescale had elapsed. Redelivery was then booked in 3 times and cancelled the morning after each time due to “insufficient drivers”. A Saturday delivery was arranged (with no notice given until 9am that day) and the item failed to arrive again, apparently sitting in the van on the drivers route and then returning to the depot in the evening. After all this it was booked in again and while this time there was live tracking I got a notification (while sitting in my living room) that delivery wasn’t possible because no one was available and a slip had been put through my door (no such slip was there). I finally decided to have the item sent directly to a store for me to collect as presumably they can actually find the company they’re carrying out deliveries for, and only then did I actually get my package: when I went and collected it and no actual “delivery” to me took place. As per the title, avoid using this company at all costs if you ever want to get your item. Hopeless at best and fraudulent at worst.
Not recommend
Wasted all day waiting for delivery, should be here between 14:16-16:16. Useless chat advice, didn’t receive any concrete information. I do not recommend.
Worst parcel delivery company! DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES!
The worst parcel company out there. Should be closed down. They are unable to deliver parcels when everything is clear. Do not use them if you want to get your items!
Incomplete delivery so unable to assemble
Incomplete delivery. Parts delivered one week, the remainder the following. Incompetent, unreliable and not accountable for errors made. Sad state that busy people need to tolerate this chaos.
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