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La Poste Tracking

La Poste Tracking

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  • La Poste Tracking APP
    Auto import and track La Poste shipments from Shopify, Amazon, Magento, WooCommerce, Wish, eBay, AliExpress, shipstations shop
  • La Poste Tracking API 
    Provide La Poste tracking api for e-commerce developers to get real time La Poste tracking info. Give customers access to track La Poste parcels right at shopping cart and marketplace.
  • La Poste Shipment Status Update Notification
    Send customized email and sms notifications of La Poste shipment status updates to reduce customers' queries when package is in "transit", "Out for delivery", "delivered" and so on.
  • Importing La Poste Tracking Numbers
    Bulk track La Poste packages by uploading La Poste Tracking numbers in CSV files
Track French Post -La Poste Packages Online get Origin/destinations tracking information in one place by Tracking Number ,
La Poste Tracking Details

TrackingMore is a third party parcel tracking tool (also known as multi-carrier tracking tool) which supports online parcel tracking of worldwide 477 express and postal couriers. You can enter a tracking number, air waybill (AWB) number or reference number to track & trace a single international or domestic package, use CSV upload or restful shipment tracking API to track multiple packages.


If you check statuses of bulk international parcels shipping via La Poste, TrackingMore will display all tracking details in one place, from both origin country and destination country.


You can subscribe email delivery notification in the La Poste shipping tracking result page to auto send you alerts once there is an update of your order status.


If you want to find explanations of a specific tracking event, you can refer to "Tracking Status descriptions & suggestions".

How to track Laposte(France) ?

Just simply enter your Laposte tracking number, click on the "track" button

Official Website : http://www.laposte.fr

French Post - La Poste number rules : ( # Letter, * Digit, ! Letter Or Digit )

                                                                                                 ( R# *** *** *** FR )  ( V# *** *** *** FR )

                                                                                                 ( A# *** *** *** FR )  ( *# *** *** *** ** )

Contact Information :  tel:33 3631

Trackingmore provide real-time details of your French Post - La Poste package,support multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, German and more.

1.Shipment Tracking Management:

a. Auto tracking and delivery notification:after logging in,you can set up the "Notification Settings",and the system will auto track your French Post - La Poste waybills and notify customers when in transit, pick up, delivered or exceptions.

b. Compatible with ebay / aliexpress / magento: with your ebay,aliexpress,magento account bounding to trackingmore,our system will collect the data together , so you can manage your shipments in one place.

2.muti-language support:  Support sixteen different languages,so it's convenient for users from different countries.

About French Post - La Poste

La Poste Group generates more than 17% of its turnover abroad thanks to the dynamism of the parcel business. Present in over 40 countries on 4 continents. It greatly expands its parcel business in countries in Europe and worldwide international mail business. Preferred partner for online retailers in France, the Group carries nearly 1 billion packages per year, a turnover of more than € 5 billion and 14.9% share of the European market. To develop this market, the Group relies on GeoPost and its subsidiaries, already No. 2 in Europe. The most important platforms are located in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. In all, the network includes 800 GeoPost deposits, 60 hubs, 500 interconnected by daily international road links connecting 35 European countries. La Poste and Swiss Post Group have teamed up through a joint venture ASENDIA to bring their expertise and networks of cross-border mail in the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and Asia. Through the activity of international mail, the company operates on three continents with more than 25 sites in 15 countries.

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Bad post
I am withing 20 days ago recommended letter! Too bad!
Most terrible peace of shit post in the whole Universe
I have oredered a package one month ago. It was supposed to go from France to Croatia. I paid 300€ for the package. It is still lost somewhere in the transit. 50 cent orders from aliexpress come faster. This is the most terrible experience of my life. I hate laposte.
Stuck in Transit
Ordered a package 3 months ago... All the tracking says is "in transit"! Never any updates! If I could rate 0 stars, I would. Fuck you.
I'm from Australia, ordered 2 rugs. It's been 8 weeks since I got the email to say it has been shipped, company used this carrier to send it. Tracking number has never worked.
This is ridiculous
I am still waiting for my package this is 79days, LA Poste send my package to the sender any how it is, I have important documents in it. CC969504435FR
Worst delivery company EVER
Judging by the reviews on here, I'm not the only person experiencing problems. Sort your fucking company out! If you need to hire more fucking employees - do it! If you have to train your fucking employees how to read an address and delivery packages properly- do it! You can't keep just losing everyone's packages/money!!!!!!!!
i have waited 4 fucing months for my pack
this postal service is worse that 3. world countrys with donkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
laposte gave me autism
Laposte tracking and attempted shipping has legitimately brought me to tears, I spent around €100 buying something from the french islands, it was posted during peak covid so i expected it to be a little late but tracking is a fucking nightmare, goes on and off and says its in the country then it's just "in transit" again, absolutely no indication of its location like any other tracking, then I get the update that it's been delivered. It had been over a month and I could've cried tears of joy, only to get home and only to find out it had in fact been delivered, back to the seller in FUCKING GUADALUPE. FOR NO REASON. She has now sent it back to me, (after waiting around three months for a refund on the stupid amount she spent on shipping) via laposte again as there are no other couriers available right now and it would be another £50 at LEAST, it's been five days and it still just says it's been dropped off at the post . If it actually arrives I'll probably have a stroke on the spot just from shock. Wish me luck lads, will update if it arrives. P.S. I'm convinced every good review on here is from laposte trying to up their average rating, you aint slick, you have brought me nothing but misery and pain, if I had money I'd sue you for putting me through so much emotional agony and making me obsessively check tracking multiple times a day for over a month
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