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Delayed with no further info to go on

Package arrived in UK on 10/12/2020 and has been delayed ever since, with no other information to go on...the date now is 24/12/2020 (Christmas eve)

Late delivery

This delivery has just destroyed my future

Great experience

Having placed this order on the 11th Dec , ETA was supposed to be 29th Dec I couldn't believe it when my parcel came a week earlier . I was able to track it every step of the way , what a smooth operation . Thank you DHL .

DHL Express Germany Trier

Some delivery man delivers with a great lack of professionalism and a great lack of respect for packages. The delivery man of my package, kicked with his foot my package 2 times to throw it against the door! Never again DHL EXPRESS GERMANY! Hoffmann Dave / Ceo of Hoffmann Group

Outstanding delivery time from Ireland to Alabama

The shipping time for DHL was highly impressive! I ordered sweaters from Ireland for Christmas on Monday Dec 14, 2020 @ 6:30pm central standard time and received the package on Friday Dec 18 @ 6:50pm in Alabama! It has taken 2 - 3 weeks to receive packages from all other delivery companies for orders placed within the US and I ordered those at the end of November. Hats off to DHL!!


Absolute shambles of a company. Been trying for 4 days to send my parcel that I have already paid for btw. Head is too busy with complaints to deal with my complaint.. so that yells you everything. The help desk cant do anything except ask for your shipping number and refer you to head so really I dont know why you have to talk to them in the first place. Cant cancel anything over the phone only through the website. Recommend you use a different courier service as of anything goes wrong this one doesn't have the infrastructure yo deal with it.

No satisfaction

Late deliver......take 8 days ..

Use a different carrier

HORRIBLE SERVICE! I stayed home to collect the package. I saw my package was with the delivery driver so I was waiting at home all day long. Next, I track package and the morons claim that they attempted delivery but no one was home. The truth is that they want you to pay the tax prior to delivery, but they are too dumb to properly communicate that on their website. Choose ANY other courier service, not sure who can be worse. Even Canada Post is better.

DHL has no logistics and a terrible customers service

DHL says that they're the global leader in the logistics industry specializing in international shipping. However, there is no logistics once we can't get the goods on time! I've BOOKED to RECEIVE my package and I took the day off from work hoping to get it by the end of the day as it says on the website and for my disappointment, it is not right, not true! Nonetheless, I spoke to ASHIKA ARTI who works at this company and she said that there's nothing the DHL company can do for me. In short, in my point of view, the company DHL overcharge for their services lie to the customers and it is not a reliable company. Very disappointed!


I am extremely disappointed and fed up with you and your service. My package was declared as less than $60 of value and gift and yet you managed to charge me $20 for taxes and duties! It only happens with DHL! With other shipping companies I've received products for over $ 300 and never got charged! Please don't write back saying that you have no control over the custom's duties because as I reiterate, it only happens with your company! If the value is less than $60 and a gift the law says I should not be charged extra taxes and duties. You guys are running a legalized scam and you are in it with the dirty government. You should be ashamed of yourselves. My sister often sends gifts from Italy and we always get scammed by you. Rest assured this is the last time we use DHL unless you give me my money back including a previous shipment where I got charged over $60 for taxes and duties! Speculating on people's gifts on Xmas for your financial gain, how can you do that? You have no moral compass!

For bad experience

DHL is very bad service, i has send a parcel on 12/11/2020 from Germany to England its urgent thing which my cousin needs urgent but today 12/12/2020 still my parcel not delivered and my cousin and i again and again asking about my parcel now DHL said unfortunately broken your box and we cant do anything . I want claim



Parcel was not sent, no money back

Never, never ever!


couldnt even get to the sending stage as shop wasnt able to print labels dhl were quick enough to take the money but so far no refund after 5 days of customer ( we cant actually do anything service ) investigating

CLEARANCE EVENT FOR 7 DAYS timor leste branch

I dont know if 1 week are still acceptable (clearance event issue) if i tried to follow on their the saff just say "come back next week ". and thats it you have to wait.. my point is, hope they consider the value of package to their clients.

Use DHL if u have some garbage that u need to utilize

I sent three times using DHL and only one time after 2 months came the post. It means, you have only 30% of probability that your receiver get parcel. Stronly recommended to not use it!!!

Clearance at chennai

Very slow, hope do needful

Package was lost

I ordered a package from and the used DHL service to transport it to me. They sent a Trace&Track indicating they will bring it on the November, 24th, so I was waiting at home for the package. Later that day, they sent me an email saying that they missed me, and because of that they brought the package to a DHL pick up point (Transbike bv, Amsterdam). I couldn't believe that they missed me when I was there waiting the whole day! And they didn't leave any message in my mailbox saying that they missed me (this is common practice in the Netherlands when a sender missed the recipient). Anyway, I contacted them to arrange another appointment to deliver the package. They said that they couldn't do that because the package was declined at the pick up point and they didn't have any idea why, and they said that I should contact for more information. It sounded very irresponsible to me! So I contacted and they said I should ask DHL because they're the carrier of the package so they should know better. Nevertheless, contacted DHL and came back to me and they said DHL didn't know where the package was, and they would do an investigation which will take 5-10 working days. I am very disappointed and I think it was a really bad practice by DHL! Everything was very unclear, they didn't know why the driver missed me, why the package was declined at their own pick up point, and they didn't know where the package was. Very unprofessional and irresponsible! Not recommended!

Don't trust this service - have hidden fees - don't deliver

This is first time I had such bad experience. Person while sending this courier didn't inform this cannot be sent as courier . They asked to pay custom duties which were more than what package costs. Never using it again.

No dam information

Have tracking number No DAM INFO
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