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UPS does not seem to care about proper delivery

This package was shipped to me through UPS. Unfortunately it turns out that the UPS delivery driver does not care very much about delivering the package at all. According to the tracker the driver came by three times. Quite odd if you take into account that I was home all day except for attempt number 3 when I was actually out. The first two attempts did not take place, there was no note in my mailbox up untill delivery 3. At that point there's nothing I can do to get my package and it's already on it's way back to spain. This is ridiculously bad service, you simply can not offer a package up once and then return it to another country. Considering that I didn't get the 'infonotice' up untill the fictive third attempt, I had no chance at all to make sure that I could receive this package. All together I would score this delivery a 1 out of 5, which quite honestly is still 1 star too much!

A very satisfied customer

I have now had two orders from the Philippines this year each one delivered by UPS and I can only say it has been an outstanding service. Three days from picking up the order in the Philippines and delivered when stated via Korea, China, Germany and finally delivered in the Uk. Well done UPS and thank you.

Unacceptable delivery time

UPS received letter from us on November 20th to be shipped to China . As of today the letter has NOT BEEN DELIVERED ??? This is unacceptable!!


DElivery late


Shipped and arrived today. Very happy with my experience with UPS.

Not ms with UPS

Deliveries are usually on time and sometimes arrive earlier. Boxes are often banged up, but the stuff inside is usually in good shape. They are reliable. I am not a big fan of SurePost, where you have to wait an extra day for the PO to deliver stuff. Or you can pay $3.50 to have UPS deliver it a day earlier.This might be the shipper's idea. Our PO is great so I wait.


Love them only took 15 days to get


My experience has always been excellent!


Thank you UPS for your excellent and efficient service


Lifewave levering

Friendly service from the company

I highly recommend this USP

Awesome support and good delivery

Fast, easy support Fast easy delivery

Great Service!

Fast and great


Package arrived safely without any damage. Will purcgase again.

When I receive my package

You guys are doing great. I always receive my packages in good conditions and in a timely manner. I don't worry if it will get lost. I love the fact that I can go online and find out exactly where my package is. Thank you for your service to all UPS employees, great job.

I like this website

Very good ,so easy to use and find some posters.

Please update the tracking

Can you please update this material tracking. It is since Dec 1st without updates. This material is very important and we need to expedite its delivery

Please include the weight of the package

I noticed that in this new webpage of UPS, you do not include anymore the weight of the package. In the old webpage, the weight is reflected. Hope you can put that info detail back in. Thanks.

Great company

I will use this company again.

Delivery UK to Latvia

Thank You, very fast delivery, great communication.
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